Building physical infrastructure with PKT

PKT is a utility-focused cryptocurrency. The blockchain proof-of-work is designed to pay users who power the network's infrastructure. The PKT blockchain also interfaces directly with the PKT Network as payment rails. This seamless alignment between the high speed, encrypted networking and integrated peer-to-peer payments is the next-gen of the decentralized web.

Why build physical infrastructure for PKT?

Open Source

PKT is fully open source, fostering community collaboration and driving innovation in decentralized network technology.

Expand Global Mesh

Through mesh networking, nodes connect peer-to-peer, ensuring network resilience and decentralizing internet access.

Safe and Secure

Developers have access to PKT's high speed decentralized, VPN-based infrastructure, with end-to-end encryption and censorship resistance.

PKT Lightning Integration

In an upcoming release, PKT Lightning Network will deliver near-infinite transactions per second with near-instant settlement for limitless scalability.

Physical Infrastructure

PKT community members own and operate their own physical internet infrastructure. Anyone can support the network by running a PKT miner, setting up a cjdns node, building a website, or operating a PKT mining pool.

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Physical Infrastructure

Internet Sharing

PKT Network enables open internet access through secure, permissionless, mesh wifi connectivity. Individuals and businesses are rewarded for providing accessibility. This fosters a community-driven approach to scaling physical internet infrastructure and access.

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Internet Sharing

Decentralized Web

PKT is powering the decentralized web through its open, permissionless ecosystem. Website developers can build censorship resistant websites and anyone can get online peer-to-peer using the network’s mesh access points.

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Decentralized Web

PKT Lightning Network

The forthcoming PKT Lightning Network revolutionizes web payments by enabling websites to receive payments directly to an IPv6 website URL without requiring a third-party processor. PKT Lightning also will deliver near-infinite transactions per second, enhancing speed and efficiency.

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PKT Lightning Network

Getting the Next Billion People Online

PKT technology is designed with a focus on open internet access and mesh networking. The mission is to make internet access universal and permissionless. This is accomplished by empowering community-powered physical infrastructure to help get the next billion people online.

PKT Comparison

Year Launched 2019 2013 2019 2017
Coin or Token Mined Coin Pre-mined Token Pre-mined Token Pre-mined Token
Proof of Work Yes No No No
Algorithm PacketCrypt Proof of Coverage Proof of Relay Stake-Weighting
Bandwidth-Hard Yes No No No
Team/Investor % 0% 35% 50% 48.90%
Top Network Speed 105 GB/sec 36 GB/sec 152 mb/sec N/A
Supply Limit 6,000,000,000 223,000,000,000 754,831,000 979,379,000
Circulating Supply 4,826,573,824 160,875,442 754,831,362 979,779,108