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so cash

PKT is a fork of bitcoin with it’s own genesis block. It uses PacketCrypt proof of work which requires internet bandwidth in order to mine and it has a network steward address which receives 20% of every coinbase.

What is a network steward?

The network steward is an address which gets 20% of every new block-mine so that the developers can have lamborghinis finance the building of mesh network technology. Unlike a premine or founder’s fee, the recipient of the network steward payout can be changed by a PoS vote.

Learn more about the network steward.

What can you do with it?

Not a whole lot at the moment, there’s a text based wallet but in order to use it, you need to run a full node.

If you’re ready to try out the text-based wallet, check out wallet setup.

So you wanna mine

The PKT chain uses the PacketCrypt work algorithm. PacketCrypt has 2 distinct stages, first an announcement stage wherein a miner creates a small (1KB) message which proves that they did some work, the second stage is the ordinary block mining stage where a block miner gets a discount on the work they need to do if they can prove that they have lots of announcements in memory at the time of mining. Importantly, announcements can contain content which, due to it’s value to block miners, will be spread far and wide creating a decentralized broadcast medium for small messages.

To learn more about mining and get started, check out how to mine