PKT is an ecosystem of apps that decentralize access to the internet.
The mission is to get the next billion people online.



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The New Ultra Fast Network

PKT is an open source project focused on decentralizing access to the internet and helping the next billion people get online.

The PKT Network is growing to become the fastest, global internet service provider (ISP), powered by the people, instead of paying a traditional ISP for internet access.


Get VPN access for free and only pay for bandwidth speed when you need it.

Monetize Bandwidth

Convert unused bandwidth into revenue and power the PKT Network from any compatible hardware.

WiFi Sharing

People can share and enable encrypted access to the internet without requiring an ISP.


Turn Bandwidth Into Income

PKT uses PacketCrypt, the world’s first bandwidth-hard proof of work. When you connect your home or office internet to the PKT Network, you earn PKT Cash (PKT).

PKT mining does not require permission from a centralized company. Miners power the network in a decentralized way, which scales to provide low cost, high speed internet access worldwide.

Earn PKT

PKT is a mined coin, not a token. It is minted every 60 seconds and 10x faster than Bitcoin.

People Powered

PKT mining pools are community operated and ensure high speed network infrastructure.

Edge Networking

Miners build the network, which expands low cost internet access at the edge.


The Future of Networking

The PKT ecosystem aims to solve the problem of internet access monopolization from ISPs. The community is incentivized to build the roadmap to support this mission.

20% of the every mined block is paid to the Network Steward, which transparently provides grants to build open-source technology, or the funds are burned every 90 days.

Business Use Cases

Non-discriminatory so anyone can start a business in the PKT ecosystem without permission.

Open Participation

Anyone can contribute without requiring technical or administrative capabilities.

Building on cjdns

Enables end-to-end encrypted data transfer and access to IP addresses without a central issuer.