The Future
of Internet Access

PKT is a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) ecosystem supporting open internet access and powering the decentralized web.

Powering solutions around the world

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Scaling the Decentralized Web

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Fully Decentralized

PKT is an open source, global mesh internet project with no central infrastructure. The blockchain is validated by thousands of nodes around the world.

Payment Rails

Payment rails are built in. Using PKT Lightning Network, website operators can receive PKT payments directly to the website URL.


Anyone can build a website and access PKT Network. Content is accessible peer-to-peer and through traditional browsers.


PKT Network is a permissionless, encrypted, global VPN mesh network. The network delivers, free to use, high speed connectivity along with the privacy and security features of cjdns.

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Powering the internet


Using networking protocol cjdns for its backbone, PKT Network enables open internet access and decentralized participation, promoting community collaboration.

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The Network Steward receives 20% of every mined block to fund the roadmap. Using forthcoming proof-of-stake voting, the community will elect the Network Steward weekly.

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PKT Network is powered by miners that install PacketCrypt, the bandwidth-based proof-of-work mining algorithm. Miners are rewarded to contribute to and maintain the network.

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Stand for what you believe in

PKT community members own and operate the internet. By simply installing Minr and setting up a PKT wallet, or building a website in PKT Network, you get to own your piece of the internet.

Stand for what you believe in

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PKT is the network’s digital currency that can be traded on several centralized exchanges or converted into wrapped PKT (WPKT) and traded on PancakeSwap.

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