Scaling the PKT Network

PKT Network is a high speed, VPN-based network. The network’s decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) is designed to support open internet access and empower people to build websites where the web URL is also a PKT payment address.

What is PKT Network?

PKT Network is an decentralized ecosystem powered by the people. Contributors are earn PKT cryptocurrency by connecting bandwidth and computer processing resources to power the network. The result is a secure, high speed, permissionless, user-operated web infrastructure. Websites built in the PKT Network are censorship-resistant, yet reachable from any web browser using a reverse VPN and payments can be paid directly to a web URL within the network.

PKT’s Integrated Payment Rails

Peer-to-peer Payments

Link a cjdns IPv6 address to a PKT wallet address and seamlessly receive payments without a third party payment processor.

No Fees

Enjoy near-zero gas fees and no third party payment processor fees when using PKT’s payment rails.


Upon PKT Lightning Network launch, PKT will have near-infinite transactions per second for unlimited scalability.

Layer-2 Payment Rails

PKT Lighting Network is a fork of Bitcoin’s layer-2 Lightning Network. Payments will soon process over PKT Lighting Network offering near-instant settlement.

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