Cjdns peer-to-peer mesh networking is powering the PKT Network

PKT Network is a global mesh network leveraging cjdns to scale its decentralized infrastructure and the decentralized web. PKT Network nodes automatically discover and connect with their neighbors. This creates a dynamic and self-configuring network that is available exclusively peer-to-peer or through global internet browsers.


Hyperboria x PKT Network

PKT Network uses the cjdns protocol and Hyperboria to power a decentralized, peer-to-peer mesh network. Each node in Hyperboria is identified by a unique IPv6 address generated from the node's public key. This enables users to communicate securely using end-to-end encryption, ensuring a high level of security and privacy.

Hyperboria is the encompassing open, secure, user-controlled ecosystem called PKT Network. PKT Network mitigates concerns about centralization, censorship, and internet privacy, demonstrating the practical application of mesh networking. The result is a sovereign, resilient, peer-to-peer network that bypasses traditional ISPs, and centralized control.

PKT Network also has payment rails built into the network layer. By linking a PKT payment address with a cjdns IPv6 address, websites built in the PKT Network can receive PKT payments without any friction from a third party payment gateway. This capability enables broad use cases for e-commerce, content distribution and beyond.